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Zoom Travel Set
Zoom Travel Set
Zoom Travel Set
Zoom Travel Set
Zoom Travel Set

Travel Set
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Travel Set includes the Aluminum Refill Bottle Set of 4- 50 mL and Toiletry Pouch.


Aluminum Refill Bottle Set:

The Refill Bottle Set is the perfect solution for those who want to use our natural care products on the go. The four aluminum bottles can be filled with 50 mL of any Soeder product. Three come with a dispenser pump - perfect for filling with the Natural Soap or Natural Lotion. Number four carries a spray head and is great for our Hand Sanitizer. Of course, the bottles can be refilled as often as one likes and can be recycled. 

The bottles can be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand.


3 X 50 mL Aluminum Bottle With Pump

1 X 50 mL Aluminum Bottle With Sprayer

Pouch Bag:

The Toiletry Pouch is the ideal travel buddy. It is handy but a real space saver. Not only does it house the four bottles from our Refill Bottle Set, there’s also enough room for a toothbrush, razor, and more. As usual with our products, the pouch was designed in Zurich and manufactured in Europe. It comes in undyed natural white and is made of 100% robust organic cotton. IT has a zipper and carries a monochrome logo patch on the front.

  • 100% organic cotton 
  • 22 x 12 x 7cm
  • One big inside pocket & two small
  • Loop webbing hanger
  • Outside sling option
  • Manufactured in Gondifelos, Portugal

100% Organic cotton from India
spinning made in Celeiros, Portugal
weaving made in Celeiros, Portugal
dyeing, no dye 
finishing made in Celeiros, Portugal

webbing band made in Wuppertal,  Germany
zipper made in Prarolo, Italy
buckles made in Italy
recycled jacron label made in Guimarães, Portugal
sewing tread made in Famalicão, Portugal
care label made in Guimarães, Portugal

developed in Zurich, Switzerland
pattern in Zurich, Switzerland
cutting in Famalicão, Portugal
sewing in Famalicão, Portugal


choose a organic mild detergent
use a soft sponge or brush to clean
rinse out all detergent
let nature dry your product

Hand Wash - Half Pump (1-2ml)

Body Wash - 3 Full Pumps (5-7ml)

250ml Bottle - About 150 Hand Washes OR 42 Showers.

500ml Bottle - About 300 Hand Washes OR 80 showers.

5000ml Refill - About 3,333 Hand Washes OR 833 Showers OR 15 months worth of Soap for an Adult to wash hands 3x day and shower 1x Day. 

Our Natural Soap is made from organic cold-pressed oils. As a byproduct of the soap-making process (saponification of oil and lye), our soap still carries its share of glycerin. While wheat proteins and honey regenerate the skin, the glycerin is giving it some extra moisture. The Natural Soap is antibacterial, naturally preserved, and biodegradable. All ingredients come from 100% natural sources.

Since the beginning of production at the Soeder Soap Factory in 2015, our star has been our natural soap. This is because of its natural components, its nourishing powers, and its sensual scents. But there is more to the soap than just being our everyday natural luxury. Our soap, as a true soap, is also antibacterial. • Available in 250ml & 500ml glass bottles as well as 5000ml refill tins. Natural soap has about an 18 month-long shelf life.

Travel Set

$85.00 Regular price $92.00


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