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Zoom Natural Hand Sanitizer - Herbal Aloe
Zoom Natural Hand Sanitizer - Herbal Aloe
Zoom Natural Hand Sanitizer - Herbal Aloe
Zoom Natural Hand Sanitizer - Herbal Aloe
Zoom Natural Hand Sanitizer - Herbal Aloe

Natural Hand Sanitizer - Herbal Aloe


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Our Hand Sanitizer comes with 70% alcohol to be an effective solution against the spread of viruses and bacteria. We’ve also added Aloe Vera and essential oils to give your hands some additional care. The Hand Sanitizer is biodegradable with 100% natural organic oils.

These days, we find washing our hands frequently to be a necessity. When on the go, this is not always possible. That’s where hand sanitizer comes in handy. 

Typical hand sanitizer can dry out the skin and smell like alcohol. Our hand sanitizer makes sure to give your hands some extra care with ingredients like aloe vera and glycerin which treat the skin while the ethanol and lye are sanitizing. 

Flecks of aloe may be visible in the sanitizer. Our team added extra of this ingredient to ensure your hands stay happy... so in some cases you will see the aloe, and you will definitely feel it! 

Supplying all from public space to single customers, we offer three convenient sizes: the small bottle for tucking into your go-bag, a midsize for the small household, and a bigger one for the office. 

For the most sustainable option, we suggest purchasing the bottle that works for you along with one of the refill canisters also offered in three sizes. 

Hand sanitizer has about an 18-24 month long shelf life.



Ethanol - Plantbased
70% ethanol by volume. Works antibacterial and affects viruses with a shell made out of fats, like the corona virus.

Aloe Vera - Plant juice 
For aftercare.

Glycerine - Organic and palm free
It protects the lipid layer and works moisturizing.

Lye - Metal hydroxide
All-natural soap science. It increases the effectiveness of the hand sanitizer with its antibacterial properties.


The durability of the hand sanitizer is 1.5 years from production date. Once the bottle is open, it should be used within a year. Please store at room temperature.


Natural Hand Sanitizer - Herbal Aloe



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