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Who We Are

Soeder was established in 2013, where we started to sell high quality everyday goods in our first store in Zurich, Switzerland. Two years later, our journey as producers began with our first

soap factory right in Zurich’s Kries 6 neighborhood. Today, we focus on our line of 100% self made skincare products, manufactured both sustainably and transparently.

We want to make good products - but what does that mean? A good product is one that people actually enjoy using and one that lasts for a long time. A good product fulfills its purpose and doesn’t follow any trends. Sustainability is not a buzzword, but rather the core of our philosophy. Not only are we catering to the needs of those using our product, but also to nature and to those making the product.

We manufacture all of our skincare in our very own factory in the town of Schwerzenbach, Switzerland, with ingredients that nature provides. For all products not made by ourselves, we’re working with manufacturers that share our philosophy and our idea of sustainability.

As sustainability is an ongoing process, we always seek for improved solutions. Whenever we find a material that seems superior to the one currently in use, we change it. When we find a production path that means less waste, less emission, or less use of energy, we follow it.

Many of the things that surround us are made under questionable circumstances. It is our society that carries the responsibility to change that. Only a product made with care suits our age.


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