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From the first beginnings in 2013 on, we had a goal: We wanted to be involved in developing and making all our products. We were in a steady exchange with our manufacturers, discussed every used material, and made sure that every single step of work met our expectations. In 2015, we opened our own soap factory – the start of our production journey.


A good product is one that you want to keep around for a long time. One that serves its purpose, continues to bring joy, and remains relevant because it doesn't follow any trend. It is made simply, carefully, and timelessly.


We don't follow the rules of a fast-paced market, nor its production methods. It is more important to us to consider the needs of people — those that make and those that buy the products — as well as the needs of nature.


That's why we develop and produce our own everyday basics. We source their material down to the packaging and, when not producing ourselves, search for partners that share our mindset in Switzerland and all over Europe. And we never stop: If we find even better material, we upgrade, and if there's a more sustainable way of manufacturing, we are all for it.


We know enough about the existing and dire circumstances in which a lot of what we can purchase was made. It is our generation's responsibility to change those circumstances now — because knowing your new product comes from good hands is what makes it truly invaluable.


We know that the circumstances under which many of our consumer goods are manufactured are not ecologically safe. It is our society's responsibility to change that. Because only a product that comes from good hands is a valuable product.


We started off in an old garage in the Zurich borough of Kreis 6. Those days, virtually everything was done by hand. We sold the soap in the freezing cold atmosphere of the Zurich Christmas market. The demand was huge, and soon we realized that we would need a bigger production ground. In 2016 we left the city center and moved to the nearby town of Schwerzenbach.


Our Soap Factory is the place where you can feel the Soeder heartbeat. There's a lab where we develop new care products – or improve the old ones with new ingredients and fresh scents. We test those prototypes in our team. After all, we only want to offer things that we would use ourselves.

The actual fabrication takes place in the production hall. Here, we can make everything from small batches to large ones. It is the home of mixers, reactors, plodders, tube fillers, and filling lines. It is permanently full of wonderful scents, ever-changing with the rotating production scheme.


All of our products are based on natural ingredients and come without any artificial additives. Also, all of them are biodegradable. That's good for the body – and keeps the impact on nature low.


At Soeder, we're never resting. We're continually moving forward, working on new products and entering new fields. There's much to discover, much to make! Stay in touch and discover the world of sustainable products with us!


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