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Why do you call your soap “natural”? What makes it “natural”?

Our soap is made from organic vegetable oils and is scented with natural plant extracts. In order to keep your skin healthy, while also cleansing, we only use all-natural care additives such as honey, palm free glycerin, and wheat protein.

Is your soap organic?

 Although all of our plant oils are organic and cold pressed, some scent extracts are not certified organic due to where they grow. For example, Black Pine grows in the wild (forest) and is not cultivated, therefore it cannot be deemed “organic”.

Why is your soap so liquified? Most soaps are thicker.

 We make true, real soap in a very high concentration of the alkali cleaning agent lye (fifty percent), which is not thickened with gel. True soap is the combination of an oil and an alkali which explains why our soap is liquified!

What’s the difference between your soap and most other soap I can purchase for under $10?

We produce soaps that are unlike many soaps that are being made today. Most products on the market are either wash gels or detergents made from man-made surfactants that are then thickened to gel, containing only fifteen to twenty percent of active cleaning materials. These products are often made from low quality, synthetic raw materials, sulfates, and palm oil as opposed to ingredients that promote healthy skin.

Will your Hand Sanitizer dry out my hands?

As a soap and cosmetics manufacturer our goal was to make a sanitizing product that simultaneously protects for and cares for your hands. Our hand sanitizer does the job of killing germs and bacteria while maintaining moisture through a balanced aloe vera, glycerin and ethanol percentage. We also use natural ethanol, to which the skin responds well.

Very commonly synthetic ethanol is used in sanitizer as they are more cost efficient. However, they are much harsher and can also smell quite unpleasant.

What percentage alcohol is in your Hand Sanitizer? Will it kill COVID-19?

Our hand sanitizer is seventy percent vv ethanol in order to prevent unnecessary overdrying of the skin. According to external test results, our sanitizer is capable of preventing the spread of COVID-19 within thirty seconds of use, even in eighty percent diluted form. We also use our “Soap Science”, and combine a small amount of lye (the alkali cleaning agent) & herbal extracts to support the ethanol in breaking down the virus.

(It’s important to note that open wounds, no matter how miniscule, will reduce your protection to the outside world as they can be an entry point for viruses and bacteria. Please take special care of your hands to prevent excessive dryness that can cause cracks and possibly lead to infection.)  

How many pumps do I need to use to wash my hands or my whole body? How many pumps can I get out of the 500mL bottle?

 You can wash your hands with half a pump and your body with three to five pumps. One full pump equals 1.5 mL, which means there are 333 pumps in one 500mL bottle.

Are all your bottles glass? Can I recycle the pump?

 Yes, we only use glass bottles. We care about the planet just as we care for you. The pump can be recycled, but needs to be taken apart in order to separate the plastic from the metal materials. Our bottles and pumps are designed to be durable so our customers can reuse and refill with their favorite Soeder soaps time and again!

Do you guys have sample sizes so I can figure out which scent I want?

 We do not have sample sizes just yet, but they will be available on our site soon!

If you want to give us a smell please visit our stockist page and see if there is a retailer near you.

Can I return the soap if I do not like it?

Due to the nature of the product, we are not accepting returns. We do want you to be satisfied with your purchase, so if you find you are not completely in love with your Soeder soap, please reach out to our team and we will work with you to find a solution!

Are the larger refill containers meant for personal use or are those too large and meant for businesses and public spaces?

Our larger refill containers can be used in both households and businesses alike. It is better for the environment to buy in bulk and it is more affordable! If you have a small household (1-2 people) and only use the soap for your hands, refills will last you a very long time. However, we encourage our customers to think outside the box with Soeder soap. A soap is a soap, which means you can use Soeder for your entire body, hands included! Separate shower gels you see on shelves were essentially invented by marketing departments to sell you more products.

Where are you shipping from and how long does shipping take?

 We ship all orders from California, typically within 1-3 business days. In order to ensure the safety of our team members and customers we are closely following the regulations set in place by the state to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This means there may be some delays in the shipping process. Once shipped, it can take 3-5 business days to be delivered depending on your location.

Do you offer wholesale prices for businesses?

Yes we do! If you are interested in becoming a Soeder partner, please reach out to our team at expressing this interest along with your contact info and store name so we can get you in touch with the right people.

Do you charge for shipping?

We have a minimum spend that allows customers in the lower 48 states to get free shipping.

Where are your products made?

Transparency, control of raw material, and sustainability are extremely important to us. Therefore we develop and produce our products in our own “Soap Factory” in Zürich, Switzerland. This allows us to keep innovation and know-how in-house while having full control of our products’ ingredients and quality.

What does your Grapefruit soap smell like?

 Top Notes: N/A

Heart Notes: Grapefruit

Base Notes: Orange

What does your Herbal Garden soap smell like?

 Top Notes : Rosemary

Heart Notes : Lavender

Base Notes: Sage

What does your Grass Roots soap smell like?

Top Notes : Bergamotte

Heart Notes: N/A

Base Notes: Vetiver

What does your Black PIne soap smell like?

 Top Notes: N/A

Heart Notes: Mandarin

Base Notes: Black Pine


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